My reasons for moving to Silicon Valley basically turn into a top 6 list of BEST things in the valley.

1. Live out my hipster dream of living in a van

When I was younger and saw a hip, red Volkswagen van, I knew that I wanted to travel the states and decorate the back of the van like my hippy…

TikTok currently has over 2 billion downloads worldwide and as of July 2020, the popular app is under fire from the US government due its Chinese connections. Trump is looking at even banning the app from the US all together. …

Bad moves all around

Silicon Valley may be the mecca for genius entrepreneurs, but a lot of stupidity is floating around here, too. While tech titans want to change the world, innovate, and make loads of cash with their shrewd business sense, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Sign up for The Bold…

The social media giant has one goal: profit.

“I mainly started by excessively liking other people’s photos,” Rae Jordan began. “In hopes that they would like and follow me back.”

Rae Jordan is an Instagram influencer with over 37,000 followers going by the username @authentically__ewe, where she highlights her vegan…

Food insecurity fucks up the brain.

I saved my friend’s bread crusts after meals. I ate far past the point I was full. My eyes filled with tears when my friends wanted to evenly split the bill at a dinner where I just ordered a $5 appetizer.

Pre Food Hoarding

Freshman year, I…

Read this if you want to work from home on your phone.

This is my story of how I became a social media manager. There’s lots of paths to getting paid to manage social media, but this is mine.

I’m in bed on the second story of my home in San Antonio, Texas. Airplanes fly by frequently, since I live a couple miles from the airport.

Today I was leaving for Chicago, Illinois to visit family for the holidays. …

I made-out with a wonderful man that likes me too. We would start going on dates if we weren’t going to be apart for the next eight months.

Impeccable timing.

He wished we’d fallen together sooner. He liked me since October when we met, however it wasn’t till December that…

Oftentimes in my desire to create new work, I feel paralyzed.

Uninspired. Uncreative.

Unskilled. Unequipped.

However, I’m relinquishing all those insecurities and saying fuck it! I’m going to start creating: writing, photographing, filming, acting. If it’s garbage, so be it. At least I’m trying.

My fear of lackluster producing work…

I fell into depression from working at home. Other factors contributed as well, but everything could have been mitigated by simply going outside to a cafe or library for work.

It was the summer before my collegiate junior year at NYU, and rather than going home, I stayed in NYC…

Christina Gayton

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer. | | @xtinagayton on social media

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