Bad moves all around

Silicon Valley may be the mecca for genius entrepreneurs, but a lot of stupidity is floating around here, too. While tech titans want to change the world, innovate, and make loads of cash with their shrewd business sense, it doesn’t always work out that way.

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Food insecurity fucks up the brain.

I saved my friend’s bread crusts after meals. I ate far past the point I was full. My eyes filled with tears when my friends wanted to evenly split the bill at a dinner where I just ordered a $5 appetizer.

Pre Food Hoarding

Freshman year, I…

Oftentimes in my desire to create new work, I feel paralyzed.

Uninspired. Uncreative.

Unskilled. Unequipped.

However, I’m relinquishing all those insecurities and saying fuck it! I’m going to start creating: writing, photographing, filming, acting. If it’s garbage, so be it. At least I’m trying.

My fear of lackluster producing work…

Christina Gayton

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer. | | @xtinagayton on social media

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